Below are excerpts from letters and phone call from our clients.
Initial signatures are used to protect privacy. We appreciate your letters and calls.

Thank you for a great super hero birthday party for Mason. You were so great with the girls and boys, and made those who were a little shy open up to you. You are very creative and really know how to entertain the little people. The kids and parents are still talking about you!! Thanks for making the party.

Ruben was the hit of the place. He is a great young man. We really appreciate it. You’re going to be in our thoughts anytime we have this kind of promotion.
Jim, Larmon Furniture

I was calling about princess and letting you know that she was really good. We will definitely be using you guys again.

I just wanted to call and say how fabulous your super hero was. He was very energetic, and the children had a blast! Thank you for sending him to entertain at my son’s party.

The White Fairy was wonderful – the kids all loved her.

The party went great – we had a great time. The princess was very good with the girls.

Your Ladybug was really good – great with the kids. Would have her back

On March 22nd, my daughter had her 5th birthday party. There were almost 30 kids there and Captain Red was able to keep all of them entertained. The kids loved the balloons he made, the girls loved the hearts and the boys loved the swords! The magic tricks were very entertaining and he did a great job doing face painting and arm painting, in some cases. Treasure hunting at the end was a lot of fun. The kids were so excited about finding the treasure chest! Captain Red was great and he made sure that my daughter was the star of the day! So, get Captain Red for your next party because he really is great with the kids!
Tina of Tampa

I wanted to call and say that the caricature artist we hired from you (Lars Erik) was excellent. He showed up early – he was just what we wanted. His illustrations are even better than the caricature page on the internet. Thank you.

Your clowns at grand opening were absolutely wonderful, and we absolutely loved them.
K.B., Sunoco

Dear Sir:
Just a small note to let you know how pleased we were with Your Princess. The party was a great success and the children loved her. The picture on your web does not do her justice. She was perfect!
Grandma G. and Gabrielle

Your Pirate, Capt’n Red was wonderful. He entertained those 30 kids on the beach with his treasure hunt. It was unbelievable. People were even stopping on the beach to watch him. He went out of his way to entertain the kids.
Ms. Y.C.

I called to thank you for the Dalmatian. He was fabulous, and couldn’t have been better with the kids – and that was a lot since they were pretty wound up. My client was very happy. Thanks again.
Sally (caterer/event planner)

I’m sure that you already get a lot of phone calls with compliments, but I still wanted to let you know that your Pumpkin Lady was very, very good. All my friends and family were impressed with her. She took the initiative with the children, as was also very patient. My friend has a party already booked with you in about two weeks, and I am sure she will call to request her again.
Ms. L.T.

Captain Red was just wonderful. We really enjoyed his talents at our event. We just loved him.
Ms. B.B.
Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robbins Coordinator

I wanted to thank you for sending over such a great caricature artist (Sue Ann). She blew my party out of the water – she took over the party. If you ever need a recommendation, let me know, she was unbelievable. I expected someone good – but wow. She was fabulous. She ruled the party.
Ms. L.M.

I wanted to thank you for the clown you sent this past weekend. He was wonderful. I wanted to let you know.
Ms. H.G.

I called because I wanted to thank you for sending such a sweet person for our clown. She was so calm, her face was perfect for toddlers – not with all the white. Everyone was so impressed with her.
Ms. L.M.

Thank you for setting us up with the cowboy and cowgirl. I can’t say enough good for them. They were fantastic. They were unbelievably engaging – none of the younger children were afraid, and the facepainting (by Bill) was phenomenal. You only get one birthday a year, and my son was beside himself. They were worth every penny, every nickel and every dime.
Ms. E.G.

I just called because I wanted to brag on your super hero. He did a great, great job. Thank you.
Ms. M.J.

Your cowboy (Bill) made our party a complete success. Even the parents were following him around!
Ms. B.H.

I wanted to thank you so much. I’m so glad we found you. Your Red Fuzzy Monster was so awesome today. He had the party so under control and he was so good and gentle with the kids. It was just great. All the moms loved him. We will be in touch for our next party.
Ms. D.N.

Just wanted to let you know how much we liked the Red Fuzzy Buddy at our son’s birthday party on Dec. 9th. He did such a great job, and the kids really loved him. Thank you.

Hi, We had your Great Dane come to my son’s birthday party this afternoon. I just wanted to let you know that we were very happy with him. He was great, his costume looked good & my son, Josh, was thrilled that Mommy invited the Great Dane to his party. Thank you for clearing up the booking mix up and making my son’s 3rd birthday a memorable one. Once again, the guy was great.
He made all the kids happy but made sure to emphasize Josh since it was his birthday. Thanks again and we will be recommending you to our friends. What other characters do you have? Do you have a Santa? We were thinking of doing something for the kids for Christmas. Let me know. Oh, and him walking up with the theme song was a hoot and really helped make the costume.
Thanks, C.S.

We had your cowboy (Bill) at my sons 4th B’day party today….he was incredible! We always try to have fun and different entertainment for our two sons b’day parties, including ponies, monkeys, clowns, airwalks and petting farms, your cowboy was by far the best. We had Bat Man from your company in August and he was EXCELLENT also. But, your cowboy…..I’m not able to put into words how GREAT he was. EVERYONE thought he was just the best. After the party, all of us (the adults) were winding down and cleaning up, and we were still talking about him. He was just SO good with the kids, and does incredible face painting, he should be a professional makeup artist…but then we wouldn’t be able to get him for our next party! Thank you so much for providing such EXCELLENT entertainment. We will definitely, definitely call you again!

We just had your super hero at our party yesterday and I wanted you to know that he was absolutely wonderful. He was so patient and so good with the kids – he made sure no one got left out. My son was so pleased. Thank you.
Ms. C.A.

My grandson loved your Cowboy (Bill). The entertainment was great, as usual. We will call you for the next one.
Mr. P.

We just had your super hero at our party this weekend, and I wanted you to know how much we enjoyed it. He did an outstanding job. His performance was phenomenal.
Ms. D.H.

I wanted to tell you how great your Bear was at my party this weekend. My daughter (who is 2), was shy and didn’t want her face painted or to get too close to get hugs, but he (the Bear) tried real hard to win her over. She loved it and was so happy he came to the house. He came out in the rain. He was above and beyond what I expected. We had all age groups and everybody loved him, even the adults. I just wanted to thank you.
Ms. M.F.

We just had your Superhero at our party and he did a wonderful job – I got several compliments. Your company has been very good to us. We have used you twice before, and they were wonderful too. If there’s anything we can do for you, let us know – references or something – just let us know, and thank you very much.
Ms. L.P.

Saturday we had one of your entertainers over for my son’s party and I just wanted you to know how thrilled I was with everything he did. The things he did with the children were so perfect. We were incredibly thrilled. I am so happy we had you guys come out. What a really super job this guy did. I will keep telling my friends about you. I will be in touch the next time we have this kind of party.
Ms. B.F.

We just had your Arabian Princess at our daughter’s party and I wanted to let know you that it was just wonderful. I couldn’t have been happier. The party went beautifully.
Ms. L.R.

On Saturday, I held a birthday party for my two-year old son. I had contacted A Proske Production for entertainment by the Red Fuzzy Buddy. I just wanted to let you know that the performer did an outstanding job. He was very patient and understanding. We had a wide range of ages at the party and it was difficult to gather them together, but he did an excellent job. I was very pleased with the performer and he made my son’s birthday extra special.
Sincerely, Ms. C. L.

Your Great Dane entertainer was worth every penny – worth more than that! We all gave him a hug before he left.
The kids were scared at first, but he was so good with them, they just warmed right up. Thank you so much for making our party so wonderful.

Your cowboy was wonderful – he was very presentable and nice. He is a good entertainer, very enthusiastic with a nice strong voice. I was very pleased.
Ms. B.F.

We just had a princess at our daughter’s party and I just wanted to thank you for sending over such a great entertainer. She was gentle and petite and fit the part well. I also wanted to compliment her on being so patient with so many children. Thank you.

I just wanted to say that Marty the magician did a superb job and had a fantastic performance! My son loved him as did myself and the rest of the guests! What a gentleman and entertainer he was!
I have to admit that before my wife called you, I was hesitant to consider paying for entertainment (having never done such a thing in the past). After today though, I can easily say it was money well spent! Congratulations on running a fun business with great people! Also, thank you for taking us on such short notice.
I will definitely recommend your services to my friends!
Keep up the great work!
Sincerely, Mr. S.R.

To Whom it May Concern:
Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job your employee did at my daughter’s party on March 7th. She was excellent with the children and spent a lot of time with them. I would recommend her to all my family and friends. Thank you again for making my daughter’s 4th birthday special.
Your truly, Ms. A.

Thanks for helping us with Bull-army. Our evening was a great success, and we could not pull it off without all our entertainers (Captain Red & Patty). I appreciate all your help with my endless questions and concerns.
Thanks again – Ms. E, University of South Florida

Yesterday we had a birthday party for our daughter and son. I just wanted to write a note and let you know how incredible the party was!
Captain Red was absolutely fantastic as the pirate and interacted in such a tremendous way with all 33 kids! He had to be exhausted by the time he left. He was total entertainment and made my job as parent/host so much easier.
A special thank you to Captain Red for his talents! This is a party that my kids will remember for a long time. Also enclosed is a token of our appreciation. Please see that he receives this money as he certainly earned that and more!
Sincerely, Ms. L.D.