pumpkin lady

For Halloween, our staff delights the younger set with our Pumpkin Lady (pictured) or Friendly Witch.. Storytelling, face-painting and balloon sculptures are favorites.

Ghoul MCWe can also provide screams and nervous giggles for those who want scarier fare. Our Ghoul MC tells ghost stories and provides tours in a haunted dwelling. (We can set up a haunted house at your home or business).

Our Ghoul is also one of the best face-painters in the Tampa Bay Area. If you need a ghoulish/gory face to go with your costume, he is the one to call.

bloody skullIn past Halloweens, some of our Haunted House escapades included our “Attic Monster,” a creepy creation that swiftly glides from the attic the greet you….and the ol’ bloody skull in a bowl.


… and hey, it’s laundry day in the haunted house. I hope you have a good strong detergent to get all those blood stains out! Many enjoyed our Grim Reaper (who is voice and movement activated from a remote area).

laundrydayhand grabs you

Grab a bite – one tour included a pot-luck dinner, just reach inside and “feel” what you get! Just be sure someone doesn’t grab you back!

hanging aroundbloody bride

This ghoulish ghost, was just “hanging” around…and quite a creepy effect with a hidden fan creating a breeze for the ghost to ride.

A big hit is our Bloody Bride – let’s just say that at the appropriate moment, she becomes “undead.”

Black lights, spider webs, ghouls, ghosts, creepy masks…all done in fun. Halloween is quite a bit of scary adventure.

Be sure to schedule your Halloween entertainers soon. (813) 989-9673.