Fortune Tellers

fortune tellerAng-EL is an Entertaining Psychic, who has a costume to match any theme, group or environment. Dressed as one of his characters, he will astound, enlighten, and entertain your guest, clients or customers.

Ang-EL is available for all types of events – from a 1 person party to 1,000+ person events, from 10-year olds to 100-year olds.

With his attire and his accurate, but humorously presented Psychic Readings, he is a sure hit.

Everyone loves hearing about themselves and Ang-EL can give readings in the following venues:

1) SITTING at a table reading Tarot cards, for 5-10 minutes per person at larger parties, or 15+ minutes for smaller parties, or you can throw a party for yourself and have a private reading.

2) STANDING in a busy spot at your event (at a table/podium) he will greet everyone as they enter or as they pass by, reading their Hands, Numbers and Zodiacs. (Especially good for events with a larger outcome, as readings are brief).

3) COMPUTER SET-UP at a table. He will bring his computer and printer, and will print out the “Day Your Were Born,” “Astrology,” or “Numerology” charts for everyone. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION

4) ENTERTAINER GRAM – he will knock on their door and surprise them with an impromptu reading.

5) STROLLING around and through the crowd, giving individual readings.


  • Palm Reading
  • Ages & Numerology
  • Oriental Signs
  • Astrology/Constellations
  • Tarot Card Analyzer